PPSC Computer Programmer / Data Control Officer (BS-17) – In S&GAD – 2015

1.Al systems based on the human brain’s ability to differentiate patterns are called
(A) Robotic systems
(B) Fuzzy logic systems
(C) Neural networks
(D) Expert systems.

2.What is the structured approach called for developing software and Information systems?
(A) Software design
(B) Prototyping
(0) Systems methodology

3.In asynchronous transmission, the gap time between bytes is ……..
(A) Fixed
(B) variable
(C) a function of the data rate
(D) zero

4.IEEE has defined the specifications for a wireless LAN, called __, which covers the physical and data link layers.
(A IEEE 802.3
(B) IEEE 802.5
(C) IEEE 802.11
(D) IEEE 802.2

5.The access method In Bluetooth is ……….
(D) none of the above

6.Each station on an Ethernet network has a unique …………. address imprinted on its network interface card.
(A) 5-byte
(B) 32-bit
(C) 48-bit
(D) 64-bit

7.What is the result of ANDing 255 and 15?
(A) 255
(B) 15
(C) 0
(D) 270

8.Polymorphism does not ………
(A) Refer to the possible binding of a method in a message with one of several implementations
(B) Make the programming of messages more complex
(C) Support incremental modification of code
(D) Support reusability

9.Which of the following is not an iteration statement supported by PL/SQL?
(A) The FOR LOOP statement
(B) The LOOP UNTIL statement
(C) The WHILE LOOP statement
(D) None of the above

10.Which of the following is not a common cursor attribute?
(A) % Is Open
(B) % Is Not Open
(C) % Found
(D) % Not Found

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