1.Windows is a product of:
a. Sun Systems
b. Microsoft
c. IBM

2.GUI stands for:
a. Graphical user interface
b. General user interface
c. Graphic utility Icons
d. Grayed user interface not have graphical user interface

3.Which operating system does not have a graphical user interface
a. Mac OS
b. DOS
c. Windows

4.The operating system that can run more than one program at same time is called:
a. Multitasking
b. Multi-Processing
c. Multi-Operating
d. Multi-paging

5.Which of the following is a mouse event:
a Left Click
b. Right Click
c. Double Click
d. All

6.Which of the following is a keyboard event:
a. Key Up
b. Key Down
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

7.Which program is used for the Internet?
a. Windows Explorer
b. Internet Explorer
c. Start Button
d. Control Panel

8.GUI operating system is:
a. Efficient
b. Easier
c. Reliable
d. All

9.The following operating system is based on NT Technology:
a. Windows 2000
b. Windows 98
c. Windows 95
d. Windows 3.1

10.The disk can be divided into maximum partitions:
c. 6
d. 8

1. B2.A3.B4. A5.D
6. C7.B8.D9.A10.D

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