Data Communication and Computer Networks MCQs From different past papers and authenticated books/sources.

1.A collection of linked computers is called:
a. Information Technology
b. Network
c. Chatting
d. Centralized System

2.Computer of a network is called:
a. Bus
b. Server
c. Node
d. None

3.Computers of a network can share:
a. Hardware
b. Software
c. Information
d. All

4.Central computer of a network is called:
a. Server
b. Bridges
c. Gateways
d. None

5.A device used to connect two computers in same building is called:
a: LAN Card
b. Graphics Card
c. Modem
d. Sound Card

6.Which of the following is not network?
a. WAN
b. LAN
c. MAN
d. BAN

7.LAN stands for:
a. Local Area Network
b. Linked Area Network
c. Logical Network
d. Logical Area Network

8.A network that covers a limited geographic area is called:
a. Computerized Network
b. Distributed Network
c. Local Area Network
d. Wide Area Nem cork

9.In LAN Computers are connected through:
a. Cable
b. Satellites
c. Microwaves
d. Wireless transmission

10.Which of the following is not used in LAN?
a. Cable
b. Gateway
c. Bridge
d. Modem

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