1.The idea of a stored program computer was given by:
a. John Von Neumann
b. Cobol
c. Pascal
d. Fortran

2.Computer communicate with I/O devices with the help of:
a. Processor
b. I/O unit
c. Buses
d. All

3.Which of the following is used to connect different parts of computer:
a. Computer Bus
b. Control Unit
c. RAM
d. All

4.Which is called the brain of computer:
a. CPU
b. RAM
c. Motherboard
d. System Unit

5.Which is not part of CPU:
a. Main Memory
b. ALU
c. Control Unit
d. Registers

6.What is the main component of CPU?
a. ALU
c. Register
b. CU
d. None

7.Which part of CPU is used for comparison?
a. ALU
b. CU
c. Register
d. None

8.Which part of CPU interacts with RAM?
a. ALU
b. CU
c. Register
d. None

9.Memory byte is also called memory?
a. Address
b. Location
c. Space
d. Cell

10.RAM stands for:
a. Ready available Memory
b. Read and Write Memory
c. Random Access Memory
d. Remember All Memory

1. A2. B3. A4. A5. A
6. B7. A8. B9. B10. C

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