1. Who was the inventor of Mouse?
(a) Douglas Englebart
(b)Ada Lovelace
(c)Charles Babbage
(d)None of these

2. Black pool is?
(a) Mountain
(c) Airport
(d) Strait

3.When a gas turns into a liquid, the process is called ________.
(a) Deposition
(b) Evaporation
(c) Condensation
(d) None of these

4.The disease diphtheria affects the _________ in the human body.
(a) Kidneys
(b) Throat
(c) Intestines
(d) None of these

4.LED technology is energy-efficient. What does LED stand for?
(a) Low Energy Date
(b) Light Emitting Diode
(c) Low Energy Diode
(d) None of these

5.Which of the following is not necessary for standalone computer?
(a) RAM
(b) LAN Card
(c) Operating System
(d) None of these

6.Find the odd one out?
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) Cache
(d) None of these

7.When was the first Nobel Prize awarded?
(a) 1892
(b) 1900
(c) 1901
(d) None of these

8.How many acres are there in one hectare?
(a) 2.47
(b) 3.47
(c) 4.47
(d) None of these

9.What is the chemical name of bleaching powder?
(a) Calcium Hypochlorite
(b) Calcium Chlorate
(c) Calcium Chloride
(d) None of these

10.Which of the following species is endemic to Pakistan?
(a) Snow Leopards
(b) Indus River Dolphins
(c) Gypsy Vultures
(d) None of these